Artwork update

Pierre Gobin pierre.gobin at
Tue Mar 13 16:16:03 UTC 2012

Sorry, I realized that I was not using lubuntu-default theme, but ozone 
theme (which I certainly downloaded a few weeks ago). So, in fact, there 
is no problem for me :)

Le 13/03/2012 15:15, Pierre Gobin a écrit :
> I don't know if it is normal, but after applying this update, I still 
> have a black background in some applications (for example AbiWord or 
> Update Manager). I use 32 bits version. And some other applications 
> seem to have "no theme", like Synaptic.
> Le 13/03/2012 01:14, Julien Lavergne a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> A new artwork update is in progress (thanks Rafael !), it should hit the
>> repositories in the next hours. Please check the result for you,
>> especially GTK3 applications and the installer (it should be in the
>> dailies tomorrow).
>> For powerpc, I was able to reproduce the back background problem, and I
>> fear it's a different problem we had on the other architectures. Please
>> check again when the next artwork package (lubuntu-artwork 0.26) will be
>> installed on your system, and after a reboot. I'll also appreciate if
>> you can test with various other themes (like Ambiance or Radiance, in
>> light-themes package).
>> Regards,
>> Julien Lavergne

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