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Thu Mar 8 14:23:40 UTC 2012

Aloha Jonathan,

Thanks got your email! It was discussed at the meeting last night and this
command is much more readable. One part of it I'm not certain about and
that is the [23]\* in it. Wouldn't that limit it to just 2.* and 3.*
kernels? What would the result be if we'd remove that [23]\ ? Other then
that I've no issues with changing it to that on the wiki.

Cc'd to the wiki mailing-list and to those I ask: any volunteers to change

With metta, Chris

P.s.: might be worth suggesting to add to the default bashrc of Ubuntu?
On Mar 8, 2012 2:21 AM, "Jonathan Marsden" <jmarsden at> wrote:

> Here is what I have used for a long time in Ubuntu to remove older
> kernels and related packages...
> alias oldkernels='dpkg -l linux-{headers,image}-[23]\* |grep ^ii |grep
> -v $(uname -r |sed -e "s/-generic//") |cut -c 5-40'
> This one just lists kernel-related packages, excluding those for the
> currently running kernel, so you can look at the list and see what could
> be removed.
> alias remove-oldkernels='sudo apt-get remove $(dpkg -l
> linux-{headers,image}-[23]\* |grep ^ii |grep -v $(uname -r |sed -e
> "s/-generic//") |cut -c 5-40)'
> This one removes everything listed by oldkernels.  Since there will be
> headers, image, and image-VERSION-generic packages for any given kernel
> package version, this command will prompt before actually removing
> anything, so it is relatively safe.
> function remove-oldkernels-except () { sudo apt-get remove $(dpkg -l
> linux-{headers,image}-[23]\* |grep ^ii |grep -v $(uname -r |sed -e
> "s/-generic//") |cut -c 5-40 | grep -v $1) ; }
> This one is for folks who want to retain more than just the most recent
> kernel.  It takes a single argument which is a regex and packages
> matching the regex you supply are retained, as well as the most recent
> kernel.  So you can do
>  remove-oldkernels-except 2.6.32-35
> and it will remove all kernel packages except that one *and* the
> currently running kernel.  It prompts in the same way remove-oldkernels
> does.
> I've used these for a long time without issues myself, and have
> recommended them to a few friends.  I think they are more comprehensive
> (they remove the headers packages as well as the kernel packages) and
> easier to read than the sed extravaganza on the wiki page.  But maybe I
> am just biased :)
> This isn't really "code", in the sense of programming, it is just
> everyday one-liner shell scripting.  I have these in my ~/.bashrc file.
> Jonathan
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