Logout menu when pressing power button

Patrick Kevin McCaffrey pkm at uwm.edu
Mon Mar 5 15:34:56 UTC 2012

Just thought I'd throw in my experiences with the following: 

>>I've a question here: In a parallel debian sid + lxde setup i've
>>running on a pb g4 17" pushing the powerbutton sets the computer to
>>standby (and it was like this since lenny).

I'm having samilar issues on my Powerbook and G4 tower.  I can only suspend to disk.  I don't know if it automatically suspends to disk when I hit the power button, as I usually use the menu to suspend/logout...but this would be easy enough to verify.

>With lubuntu 12.04 i'm not even able to suspend to ram but only to
>disk (which at re-awake the computer finishes in a crash and a
>consequent need  to hard boot) ??? It's the same if i put the computer
>to sleep either by xfce powermanagment applet or by the lubuntu-logout

For me, waking from suspend has always been iffy - particularly on any PowerPC machine I've installed Linux on.  IIRC, my Powerbook does exactly as yours does (or it did, the last I checked) - suspends to disk, and then fails to properly wake up, requiring a reboot.  My tower (G4 w/Geforce 6200) seems to behave better - it will suspend to disk and come back, but it just takes a while (this is an improvement for me - last version of Linux on this box - Debian from about a year or so ago - wouldn't suspend/wake at all).

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