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Sat Jun 30 05:22:15 UTC 2012

hi Karl,

Ubuntu as a live CD requires more resources than Lubuntu does. And, just by
the way, I'm not an QA officer. I'm the poor guy trying to make sense out
of threads on ML to put onto notes of what lubuntu will run / install under
so there is the cessation of this recurring thread.

As people can install lubuntu in a 512MB VM system, the question has to be
asked. The truth is what does it need to install on actual kit, VM's are a
guide but it is only from people doing installs on kit with the lower specs
can we truly know what is & is not acceptable.



On 30 June 2012 05:09, Karl Anliot <kanliot at> wrote:

> > also tied into processor power). I'm going to wet my finger, see which
> way
> > the wind is blowing and suggest that anyone with less than 512MB uses the
> I'm supposed to lecture the QA officer about testing?  How did I get here?
> 700-750 is the documented value from Ubuntu QA.  This isn't about
> trade-offs, involving good performances. It's about crashing the
> installer, the first time the user uses it.
> This isn't some mystical value i've popped out of my head.  It comes
> by creating a 512MB vm and crashing the installer. Many times.

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