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this has always been the one to try and nail down without becoming too
complicated for a newcomer to linux. We all know that installing *buntu
with the live session running takes a lot more RAM than it does in either:

1) GUI install
2) Alternate Install
3) Minimal Install (Although this is method is certainly not for a

So, on points 1 & 2, instead of arguing over how much RAM you need (as it
also tied into processor power). I'm going to wet my finger, see which way
the wind is blowing and suggest that anyone with* less* than 512MB uses the
alternate image. My reasoning is simple. If you've got 512MB of RAM,
chances are you do not have one of the fastest processors in the world,
which means the graphics will really slow your computer down. On one thing
we are agreed, ubiquity needs more to install than Lubuntu needs to run.

Alternate install <> Minimal Install, it just doesn't have the pretty
pictures that desktop (ubiquity) has. The questions that are asked are just
the same. I'm asking so we can reach some sort of consensus, I do not want
a "I've done it smaller than you have" discussion. Let's get this never
ending discussion put to bed. After all, they are only "we recommend", not
"you must do".



On 29 June 2012 12:23, Geoffrey De Belie <computergeoffrey at> wrote:

> I successfully installed Ubuntu in a virtual machine with 700 MB RAM using
> the desktop image, booting into live mode and installing from there. Maybe
> we should just say on the GetLubuntu page that you need about 700MB if you
> want to install Lubuntu and otherwise using the alternate image? Please
> note that Lubuntu will require less RAM, so 700 MB RAM for installing in
> live mode will be enough.
> What do you think?
> Geoffrey (Smile4ever)
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