Changes to the default installation

Stephen Smally eco.stefi at
Fri Jun 29 07:20:36 UTC 2012

Il 28/06/2012 23:51, Julien Lavergne ha scritto:
> Hi,
> Since we are already very late in the cycle, and I plan to do the
> following changes to the default installation :
> * Change notification-dameon to xfce4-notifyd. N-D is buggy, not
> aesthetic ... and we have already the xfce depends for this xfce component.
> * Add catfish, unless someone finish LXFind before Alpha 3. At least,
> packaging, translation support need to be implemented before being
> considered. Making it part of LXDE will be a strong argument to
> reconsider it.
> * Keep Scrot for screenshots, unless someone finish LXScreenshot. Same
> comments than LXFind.
> * Keep Gpicview, unless someone submit me a ready-to-review packaging of
> Viewnor, or convince Debian to upload it. There is no consensus for
> other alternatives (We have to avoid python and GNOME depends to limit
> the use of memory).
> * Add indicators by default on the panel. We had some icons problems
> last cycle because we relied on a fallback for some icons on the
> notification area. Adding indicators should fix the problem.
> * Switch back to depends only for the seed and the meta-package
> components. It means removing 1 package part of the seed will remove the
> meta-package. We had bugs on the ISO generation when using recommends on
> the seed, which I would like to avoid this time (well, nobody want to
> investigate them since we are using a confusing combination of features,
> not really design to work together)
> The goal is to have Alpha 3 (end of July) more closed to what we should
> ship for 12.10. Last missing pieces (like artwork) should be ready for
> Beta1 (end of August).
> Any concerns should be raised now, I plan to make most of the big
> changes this week-end and next week, to have a month to test them on
> dailies.
> If you have any questions, comments, complains ... it's time to speak :-)
> Regards,
> Julien Lavergne

Hi, LxScreenshot is not stable and not complete, but IMO LxFind is 
stable enough, it just lacks some simple features (e.g. the mime type 
selection) which i can implement easily. just my two cents.

Stephen Smally

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