Changes to the default installation

Julien Lavergne gilir at
Thu Jun 28 21:51:38 UTC 2012


Since we are already very late in the cycle, and I plan to do the
following changes to the default installation :

* Change notification-dameon to xfce4-notifyd. N-D is buggy, not
aesthetic ... and we have already the xfce depends for this xfce component.

* Add catfish, unless someone finish LXFind before Alpha 3. At least,
packaging, translation support need to be implemented before being
considered. Making it part of LXDE will be a strong argument to
reconsider it.

* Keep Scrot for screenshots, unless someone finish LXScreenshot. Same
comments than LXFind.

* Keep Gpicview, unless someone submit me a ready-to-review packaging of
Viewnor, or convince Debian to upload it. There is no consensus for
other alternatives (We have to avoid python and GNOME depends to limit
the use of memory).

* Add indicators by default on the panel. We had some icons problems
last cycle because we relied on a fallback for some icons on the
notification area. Adding indicators should fix the problem.

* Switch back to depends only for the seed and the meta-package
components. It means removing 1 package part of the seed will remove the
meta-package. We had bugs on the ISO generation when using recommends on
the seed, which I would like to avoid this time (well, nobody want to
investigate them since we are using a confusing combination of features,
not really design to work together)

The goal is to have Alpha 3 (end of July) more closed to what we should
ship for 12.10. Last missing pieces (like artwork) should be ready for
Beta1 (end of August).

Any concerns should be raised now, I plan to make most of the big
changes this week-end and next week, to have a month to test them on

If you have any questions, comments, complains ... it's time to speak :-)

Julien Lavergne

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