Ubiquity and lowish RAM machines - Installed using live CD with 512 meg. RAM

Aere Greenway Aere at Dvorak-Keyboards.com
Thu Jun 28 04:35:29 UTC 2012


I just installed Ubuntu-Studio (which uses the XFCE desktop) on a 512
megabyte RAM, 933 megahertz machine, using the live DVD installer

But I had to do something out of the ordinary to make it work.  

I tried all of the normal ways of using it, with each one terminating
in-error shortly after the 3rd slide-show slide.  

I tried updating the installer, downloading updates during install (or
not doing so).  I tried doing the graphical install from within the boot
(not using the live DVD desktop.  I tried a bootable USB-drive with
persistance file, updating the installer, then re-booting and installing
without a desktop session.  

All of them errored-off at (probably) the same place.  

Since the download for Ubuntu-Studio is 1.9 gigabytes, I was motivated
to make it work.  

I remembered when I was originally fighting this problem, I was looking
at a bug-report for it, and the answer given was to delete the ubiquity
slide-show, and I am pretty sure I installed a system on that machine by
doing just that (it was probably Ubuntu 12.04 - Unity desktop).  

So I booted the live DVD using the "try Ubuntu" option, and using
Synaptic package manager (searching for "ubiquity-s"), I marked the
ubiquity-slideshow for removal (and removed it).  

I then ran the install from the live desktop, not updating the
installer, and not downloading updates during the install, and it made
it all the way through to completion, successfully!  

I'm pretty sure the same would work for Lubuntu 12.04.  

- Aere

On Mon, 2012-06-25 at 23:19 -0700, Jonathan Marsden wrote:

> On 06/25/2012 01:44 AM, Karl Anliot wrote:
> > I can consistently lock it up with a 400 MB VM, but I can't exactly
> > run ubuntu-bug on a program that's still running.
> Sure you can!  man ubuntu-bug shows you can supply it with the PID of
> the process you want to report a bug about.  I've never needed to use it
> that way myself, but as far as I know that is designed specifically so
> you can report bugs about currently running processes :)  How well that
> works in practice when the issue is that you are running out of RAM, is
> a different question... ubuntu-bug might not have enough RAM to run, if
> ubiquity is using all of it and you have no swap space -- but that's a
> separate issue :)
> If you provide clear specific steps to reproduce, and the issue really
> is readily reproducible, then lack of a stack trace should not be a
> problem, as far as I know.
> Jonathan


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