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Sun Jun 24 22:20:19 UTC 2012

Karl, and all:

Kubuntu is (or at least, has-been) the most memory-hungry of them all,
though the 12.04 release of Kubuntu looks better than 11.10, and may now
be better than Ubuntu.  

I would not judge the memory needs of Lubuntu based on Kubuntu.  

It would be more similar to Xubuntu, but in running tests on both
Lubuntu and Xubuntu, the Lubuntu version is significantly better with
regard to the lesser amount of memory needed.  

Lubuntu 11.10 worked well on only 256 megabytes of memory (in my
testing), though I needed 384 megabytes for my MIDI music work.  

In my testing experience (and I've done a significant amount of it),
Lubuntu 12.04 barely gets by on 384 megabytes of RAM.  Based on that
experience, I plan to upgrade my daughter's machine to 512 megabytes of
RAM before I upgrade it to 12.04.  

- Aere

On Sun, 2012-06-24 at 15:38 -0400, Karl Anliot wrote:

> > Probably a separate issue, but are you sure "900MB" is right for a default graphical install? I've never had a problem when I had 512MB...
> Jean-Baptiste Lallement, one of Canonical's QA people gave 700-750 as
> the number needed to install Kubuntu reliably.  This number changes if
> you have a swap area.  I added 200 just in case someone chooses "Try
> Lubuntu" (it is the default option)
> I've locked up Ubiquity in 512MB, without running the livecd.  That's
> without multitasking, just running 'install lubuntu'
> :(


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