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Sun Jun 24 22:17:54 UTC 2012

The minimal amount of RAM to install Lubuntu on has always been a topic.
The fact is that booting it to desktop in 'Live' and then installing
requires a heck of a lot more RAM than just using the install option. So
both are true. We did try to mention the fact that installing from the
'live' desktop requires more RAM that simply installing via Ubiquity. It
got overly complicated. So, I suggest we go back and check what Ubiquity
needs on its own and what is required if you already have the lubuntu
desktop running (i.e. live CD). I *think* that for ubiquity to run on its
own would be circa 384Mb; for an install that was not painfully slow, from
a LiveCD it would be increased.

The cut off point is to decide at what point do we tell people to use the
alternate install method. It's not as 'funky' as ubiquity, but runs a lot
faster on lower resourced machines.

There are the results of people testing available.

Just my thoughts,


On 24 June 2012 22:09, Michael Rawson <michaelrawson76 at> wrote:

> On 24/06/12 22:03, Karl Anliot wrote:
>> Any objections if I change it from 512 to 900?
> Still seems a bit steep...compromise? Maybe just me, my graphics card
> isn't bad so perhaps I need less RAM.
> I just think almost a GB for a 'lightweight' distribution is too much.
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