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Fri Jun 22 20:30:04 UTC 2012

On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 3:32 AM, Stephen Smally <eco.stefi at fastwebnet.it> wrote:
> Il 22/06/2012 21:13, PCMan ha scritto:
>> On Sat, Jun 23, 2012 at 2:41 AM, Karl Anliot <kanliot at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Ignoring people won't work that well.  We are getting tons of new
>>> users to this list ('join the mailing list' is the second hyperlink on
>>> lubuntu.net)  and it's hard to ignore new people.
>>> Speaking of ignoring bugs: can someone verify this ubuntu-PCManFM data
>>> loss bug?  Unless you don't like my personality, in which case, please
>>> ignore the bug. "files always deleted even if errors encountered
>>> during cut/paste:"
>>> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcmanfm/+bug/1003753
>> It's in our upstream bug tracker and labeled as "1.0".
>> We know this and is currently working on the remaining bugs in our
>> tracker.
>> After the bugs are fixed, it's time for a 1.0 release.
>> The number of bugs have been significantly decreased in the past few
>> weeks.
>> Andriy and I are working hard on them now.
>> Andriy is now doing code cleanup and he is also responsible for the
>> remaining bugs of pcmanfm/libfm.
>> At the  same time, I'm going to examine other LXDE components recently
>> and (finally) start fixing them.
>> I will start from smaller ones. The previously announced lxpanel2 is
>> now in a half-done state.
>> There are still some UI design issues to resolve.
>> Working in a hospital overtime everyday is really exhausting, but I'll
>> not give up the project.
>> Best regards
>>> There's a real problem with conducting business in a public forum.
>>> You can't tell what's important or legitimate  business without
>>> reading the whole post.  Sometimes you read the whole thread and you
>>> still don't know.  This is happening to this list.  For example, if
>>> I'm on the QA mailing list, and I get a long post about something
>>> Lubuntu, I take it seriously, because I know they are on the QA team.
>>> So we need something.  I think we need a second mailing list that
>>> emphasizes verified bugs, and legitimate business affecting everyone.
>>> Then we can still use lubuntu-users for support.
>>> kanliot
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> Hi Pcman, may i help with lxpanel2? i'm very interested, and i know the
> "argument" pretty well.

Glad to have your help. Currently the problems are:
I have some difficulties layout the items of tasklist with gtk3.

Libwnck determines the height of its taskbar depending on sizes of items in it.
The original lxpanel, however, use a specified fixed height of the
taskbar, regardless of the natural size of items.
I want to keep doing it this way in lxpanel2 since its easier.
The old lxpanel does not handle the case when there are too many taskbar items.
It just gets too wide and overflow. Some items are outside of the screen.
I want to solve this in lxpanel2.
LibWnck/gnome-panel solves this by putting the additional taskbar
items not fit into screen space in a dropdown menu.
Windows solves this by make the content of taskbar scrollable, so
additional items can be found if you scroll to "next page".
Usability of the libwnck way is worse, but if we use the windows
approach, putting a GtkScrollbar in the panel really looks odd.
I presonally prefer the Windows way though it looks ugly if
implemented with gtk+.
The sizing model of GTK+ 3 is totally different from that of GTK+ 2,
which causes my headache.

Loading and registering dynamic modules requires some more thinking.
The old lxpanel store information of the plugin in the modules and
export the plugin info structure.
Awn, xfce4-panel, and others, use desktop entry-like formats to store
info of plugins.
So each plugin module has a associated desktop entry file.
I haven't decide which approach we should use and doing loadable
modules with GPluginModule in vala is not as pleasant as expected.
We need to find a better way to install loadable modules for lxpanel.

Once the internal structure of plugin/modules is determined, we can
start improving the functionality of the plugins.
Code from most of the applets written for old lxpanel should be
reusable for lxpanel2, I guess.


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