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1) I have now posted up onto the wiki the details of the meetings that were
missing. May I suggest that Lubuntu uses the same format as QA [1] do. This
is a lot easier to maintain, as upon creation of the page with the notes
on, you can simply copy & paste the contents of the moin log that
meetingology creates. As it uses a regex, the appearance of the meeting
appears automatically. The title page just then needs updating with the
details of the next meeting.

2) It is needed that someone step forward as admin for this mailing list.
The task is simple, you have a quick look at an applicant and approve it.
In all my time doing it I have never refused anyone (although we did revoke
a person who turned out to be a member of a group called "try to get to be
a member of as many teams as possible").

The role of admin is over stated, you are chief bottle washer & cleaning
person after meetings etc. You are the secretary for the team & are
allocated all the jobs that no one else wants :)

I will not be around for the next meeting, so can you please have a good
discussion amongst yourselves as to who is actually going to do the "day to
day" stuff. At the next meeting +1 I hope to you have the name of that
person / those people so I can hand over.



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