Karl Anliot kanliot at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 18:41:20 UTC 2012

Ignoring people won't work that well.  We are getting tons of new
users to this list ('join the mailing list' is the second hyperlink on
lubuntu.net)  and it's hard to ignore new people.

Speaking of ignoring bugs: can someone verify this ubuntu-PCManFM data
loss bug?  Unless you don't like my personality, in which case, please
ignore the bug. "files always deleted even if errors encountered
during cut/paste:"

There's a real problem with conducting business in a public forum.
You can't tell what's important or legitimate  business without
reading the whole post.  Sometimes you read the whole thread and you
still don't know.  This is happening to this list.  For example, if
I'm on the QA mailing list, and I get a long post about something
Lubuntu, I take it seriously, because I know they are on the QA team.
So we need something.  I think we need a second mailing list that
emphasizes verified bugs, and legitimate business affecting everyone.
Then we can still use lubuntu-users for support.

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