can't connect to .local hostnames

Maps Backward maps.backward at
Fri Jun 22 07:29:48 UTC 2012

this is really unlikely to be an issue with Lubuntu, but you guys are
always so helpful, i thought it might be a good place to turn.

so here's my deal: i just got a free Asus eeePC 1005ha. it used to have XP
on it until i wiped it and threw 12.04 on it. however, there was a problem
connecting to .local address. the other machines in the house don't have
this problem e.g. say my main Lubuntu box has hostname foobar and so i can
easily ping, ssh, sftp, etc. to foobar.local with any other machine.

well, problem still exists in Lubuntu. i'm thinking this really may be a
problem with the machine itself considering this problem has crossed OS's
now, but thought i'd see if anyone has any ideas.

oh: and IP is provided by router's built-in DHCP. i know, i should probably
disable that, but it is what it is. i have a whole boatload of other
machines in the house right now and none of them seem to have this problem.
i should also add that if i look at the DHCP client leases, there's the
right IP with the right hostname. it SHOULD work. but doesn't.

anyone??? even a suggestion of who to ask would be nice. thanks in advance,

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