Would like reporting bugs to be more intuitive

Ryan Porter websterhamster at felton4h.net
Thu Jun 21 19:05:18 UTC 2012

>I don't understand what do you mean by looking for link in a wiki. To
>report a bug you open terminal (or press alt + f2) and give command
>"ubuntu-bug <package>" and follow the instructions.
>If you search for a way to report bug using web interface, you are
>reporting bugs wrong way, because some information which might be
>necressary isn't attached automatically to the bug report.

What if you don't know what the problem is? I'll use an example (I
haven't reported this yet because I don't know what package exactly it
is): Seemingly randomly, all or most text will turn white, in window
title bars, file manager, buttons, browser, Writer, it goes into every
program. Now, as a "relative newcomer" who wishes to participate in the
Lubuntu project, am I expected to guess what package/app the bug is in,
or do I need to have a deep knowledge of which
packages/apps/programs/config files/inner workings of Lubuntu affect
everything else?

Now, I have indeed learned something new. I originally thought (from
digging around on the wiki) that the ways to report bugs were to use
Apport for crashes/errors and Launchpad for other things. If there's
more to it than that, perhaps an explanation page, linked on the
lubuntu.net homepage, would be useful.

However, I believe that if a detailed explanation of how to report bugs
is necessary, perhaps the process could be dumbed-down a little. On
another distro that I used for a while (before that computer totally
died) I found this: https://bugs.mageia.org/ I like the obvious and
simple methodology there.

Also, I like your idea, Stephen, of an app for making bug reporting
easier. I saw your screenshot and think that if this isn't already SOP
for linux distros, that it will be!


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