maps.backward at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 02:57:36 UTC 2012

the impetus for this from what i can tell is a general unhappiness with
the embarassing content of the website: bickering about pointless topics
like top posting (yes, i have an opinion but i DO NOT care *THAT* much),
people dramatically departing due to their unhappiness, etc. etc. etc.

how is a leader going to fix that? i know part of those uncomfortable
topics have been people trying to refocus back on the important things.
how is a leader going to be any different in that regard? are they
suddenly going to command more respect?

perhaps if they rule with an iron fist, that will work.

but then we won't have freedom. is that really keeping in the spirit of
open source?

i think truly WE need to organize together. we all care about this
project. let's pool our resources together and come up with a plan. we
don't have to have 100% consensus, but as long as the majority feel like
we're heading in the right path and the minority feel like their
opinions were respectfully heard and responded to, that's good enough.

can we do this ourselves? are we truly a bunch of lemmings that can't
figure out how to self-organize?

i'm not vehemently against the idea of a leader, but i struggle to see
how it's going to provide any practical benefit. no harm in trying, i guess.

i'll leave it up to you to interpret whether or not that's a vote in
favor or not.


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