"free" list provider (was: Re: Is there a problem with the mailing list

Hugo Masse massexy at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 10:23:59 UTC 2012

** top posting happens too much because of impossibility to
bottom-post. (Will be solved if there's also a HTML website where you
can read and reply to messages.
** People are complaining about text / HTML. (If we have a online
website were you can reply, this problem is not present)

You can read all messages by thread, date, author or subject here:

You can't reply there, though. I have that page open in one tab and my
email account on another tab, that's why I prefer not to reply from my

>2. Do you seriously belive that lubuntu would leave the ubuntu
>infrastructure? Why?

1+! My same thoughts. It's very unlikely. Also, I don't think a
moderator has been necessary in the last few days, right?


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