"free" list provider (was: Re: Is there a problem with the mailing list

Geoffrey De Belie computergeoffrey at zoho.com
Tue Jun 19 05:43:19 UTC 2012

>I might be ignorant but I have two questions, not super simple but at 
>least they need to be answered soon. 
>1. What are the technical problems with the current list? (if possible; 
>break that down to a checklist of pros and cons for the current versus the 
>solution you would like) 
>2. Do you seriously belive that lubuntu would leave the ubuntu 
>infrastructure? Why? 

1. A list of problems and good points
* Pro of current
** it's simple
** it works
* Cons
** top posting happens too much because of impossibility to bottom-post. (Will be solved if there's also a HTML website where you can read and reply to messages.
** People are complaining about text / HTML. (If we have a online website were you can reply, this problem is not present)

2. If we get those freelists working and it's better then the current mailing lists, why not? If it works for us, maybe we can propose it as default for all ubuntu flavors.


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