Recent Documents/ Openbox windows

matt davis mtthwldvs at
Mon Jun 18 05:23:50 UTC 2012

> And no, I didn't figure out how to get a simple and nice "recent
> documents" on Lubuntu  

I have seen that the File Open menu on most applications defaults to a "Recently Used" files/folders list. It's not as convenient as a centrally located list on the start menu but it's something. That indicates that Pcmanfm keeps track of such things, right? Those with the know-how might then be able to extract and present this info?  

>Moving windows have the same behaviour as before...

Are you running a window compositor? My desktop is almost the same specs as your laptop and I am able to run xcompmgr, no problem. It only uses about 1.5 MB memory and the window movement/redraw is much smoother.  

P.S. I'm a new guy here so hopefully I did this right

matt davis <mtthwldvs at>

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