Is there a problem with the mailing list?

Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset jpxsat at
Sun Jun 17 19:56:48 UTC 2012


The enhancement I'm talking about is this:

And I've tried the "no draw contents" but that doesn't do  the
trick... My laptop is a Pentium 3 (I686 + PAE support!! -I can still
use Lubuntu!), 512Ram and 40gb HD with a 8MB Ati Video Card, and while
moving windows it gets a little laggy. Even on my new A8 openbox does
"funny things" (it shows a "shadow" of every of the old positions of
the window).

Almost every WM out there does it and gets faster... it's time for
openbox to get even faster than already is

2012/6/17 Hugo Masse <massexy at>:
> Jean Pierre,
> I couldn't read your suggestion in the other mailing list, the link
> doesn't seem to be working. Could you re-post it here? I'm also
> interested in Openbox as a real option in Lubuntu.
> Hugo Masse

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