Is there a problem with the mailing list?

Martin Bagge / brother brother at
Sun Jun 17 13:48:23 UTC 2012

On Sun, 17 Jun 2012, Jean-Pierre Vidal Piesset wrote:

> I'm wondering if there's a problem with my mails, more specificly, if
> you're getting them...
> I've sended first 29/04/2012 called "Recent Documents" and the other on
with one reply:
and you even replied to that...

> 09/06/2012 called "Openbox Improvement"... none of those were answered in
> any way.
that got no answers however.

how would <drawContents>no</drawContents> change things for you? (haven't 
tried it myself and it sounds like it is not actually what you are looking 
for but the closest that is available right now.

> I'm just wondering if there's a problem or just those were silly mails from
> me.

Wouldn't call them silly at all, maybe the people at the list was not 
overly interested in the suggestions just. That happens and you can count 
me in that category.

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