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Hugo Masse massexy at
Sun Jun 17 13:03:26 UTC 2012

>This is sad... Do we really have that many immature people on this
>list? Following the CoC and behave like adults shouldn't be that hard

Hi, Lubunters. I'm Hugo Masse from Mexico. I have followed this topic
with interest. Being part of a number of mailing lists and forums
throughout the years, I've found that this topic seems to come up
regularly in each of them. It's a hard decision: If you restrain the
flow of emails, communication suffers. If you let it go, many will be
uncomfortable with it. In the end, no matter what they do, the
moderator is crucified (it's happened to me).

In my opinion, what needs to be done is to make sure everyone edits
their emails, as a courtesy towards others. I have read many of the
ones in this thread and it's really painful to scroll up and down the
smartphone's screen to find the new message. Replying from the phone
is impossible: I had to wait till I was in front of the laptop to edit
this message properly.

The CoC (you read it Cee Oh Cee, right? ;D ) has provisions for that.
Remember to just leave the bit you're responding to, in order to keep
readers in context, but otherwise, lose the whole lot of text these
emails can accumulate in a couple of replies. If you read in your
smartphone and feel urged to reply, save a draft (if on webmail) and
make sure you edit before you press the Send button.

Happy (Geek)Dad's day to all the dads out there!

Hugo Masse

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