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Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Fri Jun 15 00:37:57 UTC 2012

Please, everyone: we have few enough people working on Lubuntu as it is;
let's work *together* to achieve our agreed stated goals, not waste time
discussing odd "possibilities" involving forks we do not have a need
for, much less the developer manpower to maintain.

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012, at 02:50 PM, spir wrote:

> [1] is an organism for "open source / open discussion
> software projects working on interoperability and shared technology
> for X Window System desktops";

And it seems to be working fine, and LXDE (and therefore Lubuntu)
continues to respect and use the norms that emerge from

> Recently, i read a thread apparently launched by one developper ...

> Thus, ultimately, a question of politics and power, right? Some people
> suggested ...

If you have an opinion, please say so, clearly.  Writing about
"apparent" threads no-one can find, and what "some people" say is
unhelpfully vague.

> Another possiblity is a fork of Openbox to, say, "Lightbox", but this
> requires much qualified and motivated manpower.

If you are appropriately skilled and have the time, it's fine for you to
go ahead and create it, and if it proves so good that LXDE and/or
Lubuntu choose to use it, great.  [You may have to come up with a
different name for your software project, because I think the name
Lightbox is already used.]

If you lack the requisite skills or time to do that work, then this kind
of speculation is (IMO) just wasting the time of everyone on this list.

Please provide specific clear examples of norms that
are currently making it impractical for Lubuntu to run on older slower
hardware, and propose more usable practical alternatives to them.
Better still, provide patches to the relevant OpenBox or LXDE code
that implements your ideas, so they can be tested and compared with
the original.

Alternatively, and preferably, please just use the blueprint at

for work items that need doing, pick one you can do, and implement it!

That is the way to help Lubuntu, not writing negative vague posts about
hypothetical Openbox forks and the like on the mailing list.


  Jonathan Marsden
  jmarsden at

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