ISO CD for 12.10

paul sutton zleap at
Wed Jun 13 11:03:30 UTC 2012

On 13/06/12 11:02, spir wrote:
> I have read Ubuntu (without 'l') will abandon ISO CD for version
> 12.10; according to sources, the ISO would weigh ~ 800 MB, which only
> stand on DVD and other bigger hardware, also USB stick [1].
> I think it would be a good thing for lubuntu (with 'l') to keep CD
> distribution as long as possible (for obvious reasons, I guess). What
> do you think?
> Denis
> [1] Original source in french:
> But I also found on Ubuntu wiki:
> search for term "800".
I think they are moving from cd to dvd due to the amount of software
being included,  I would argue that given that every PC has usb ports
the iso image size is irrelevant given we can use USB flash drives
instead.  What I would like to see is perhaps make full use of a dvd
image so if its going on a 4.7 gb dvd then lets make the most of it.

I have a netbook and emacines 1401,   neither have a cd / dvd drive so I
have to use a flash drive.




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