3 little issues

spir denis.spir at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 12:13:00 UTC 2012

On 10/06/2012 13:17, spir wrote:
> Hello,
> Here are a few little issues I presently have with lubuntu. (I have investigated
> the web for each one of them.)
> 1. shutdown button disappeared from lxpanel
> I have tried to apply the solution given by 'amjjawad' on the lubultu forum
> (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1860263) and then reported on the faq
> (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides, see point
> 6). But it simply does not work by me.
> The point is to have the app 'shutdown' be listed in the app menu so that we can
> add it to an app launcher on the panel. But shutdown does not appear in the app
> menu after the given change of a config file.
> I suspected maybe the categories (corresponding to a sub-menu in the app menu)
> are wrong. We write:
> Categories=Settings;DesktopSettings
> but the actual category name is "Preferences" (as shown on the picture, by the
> way). I tried this but it does not help; I also tried "Préférences" since my
> desktop is in french, still with no success.
> By the way, where are the apps listed in the menus, and their categories,
> listed? I would enjoy reorganising & cleaning up this a bit (according to my
> needs & views).

Ok, found how to do it. After following the process described in the FAQ (see 
link above) to edit the .desktop file, I finally noted this little config file 
gives the program name: ubuntu-logout. Just to check, I ran it from a 
terminal... and the menu entry appreared (in the System sub-menu which I added 
to the Category field in the config file).
Note that I had restarted my computer several times since when I first edited 
the file yesterday, but the new config still was not taken into account. Running 
the prog itself seems to have done it.

About editing the menus, I found lxmenu; install works fine (the install.sh 
script provides feedback) but the app itself just silently crashes by me (well, 
it's a Java prog... ;-).


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