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紳癒礁湖 rafaellaguna at
Sat Jun 9 11:46:16 UTC 2012

Okay, now have a look on this:

I think it's near perfect. You go to the "Get It" page and see the
download button immediatly. ust like ours. And there's no accessory
"fluf", or bullet lists, that is very 80s style. Using a disc metaphor
is a very direct message.

El dv 08 de 06 de 2012 a les 21:21 -0600, en/na kelly va escriure:

> On Fri, 08 Jun 2012 14:14:07 +0200
> 紳癒礁湖 <rafaellaguna at> wrote:
> > By alussions. "Less is more" is a great phrase used by Mies van der
> > Rohe, but used out of context, by non-designers, means nothing. Sorry
> > for being so radical in these terms, but in the real world doing the
> > design practice, LESS IS LESS, just it. I have no time or desire to
> > explain this (it's a really extended worldwide topic used by art &
> > design prophans).
> --  The "less is more" as I used it was not used out of context.  You
> should truly read up on reading for the web, usable web design and
> usability testing.  It might surprise you but people do not want a lot
> of 'fluff'.  "Just the facts ma'am" is all they want and preferably in
> a bullet format. is an
> excellent place to start.
> > 
> > The reason to keep the page simple (not minimal, we're not doing a
> > BlackBox fiesta or a CrunchBang Linux page) with the pictograms is
> > because we're a flavour of Ubuntu, and it's better to keep the same
> > artwork guidelines. I'm really unsatisfied with the result of the page
> > (I'm sorry for being so honest). I know the people who uploaded it
> > made their best, but 
> > such product like a webpage, a very delicate marketing element, need a
> > designer for being created.
> --  Using that logic, Ubuntu is a direct derivative of Debian.  As such
> Ubuntu should be using Debian's guidelines.
> --  I do not care if you are "really unsatisfied with the result."  I
> am really unsatisfied with the previous edition and think Karl did
> an outstanding job fixing an unmitigated mess.
> -- The only time a "designer" is needed for a webpage is during the
> very initial design (chalk talk time normally).  Once the page is
> drafted it is up to the usability people, running usability
> tests (with real people brought in to do the testing) on the proposed
> webpage to determine what works the best.  In sum, it will be
> the people who use, or do not use, the page that ultimately decide a
> webpage's fate.
> > 
> > So I think it's time to talk about it within the members room. It's
> > nice to have users opinions, but some things can't be left to
> > everybody's intervention, it will become a chaos. Sure you understand
> > it. We have a phrase in Spain, "zapatero a tus zapatos" (shoemaker do
> > your shoes). Is that the reason for doing Launchpad teams?
> --  Oh, back to the old 'we the few know what is best for the many'
> syndrome.  That is a crock of crap.
> --  What is wrong with a little chaos?  It tends to shake things up
> when needed.  Freedom *is* chaos.  Which, I think, is a very good thing.
> --  Currently, I don't have any shoes, or boots for that matter, which
> need tending too.  However, if I do, I'll be sure to drop you an email
> to see if you are available to fix them.  Thanks.
> Cya.

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