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Mon Jun 4 16:06:45 UTC 2012

On 06/04/2012 10:18 AM, Phill Whiteside wrote:
> HI,
> you say you were on "Get Ubuntu" ? The Lubuntu area is Get Lubuntu [1].
> The information on that page is up to date and covers as many the vast 
> array of choices available owing to the vast array of computers that 
> Lubuntu will run on. Please also note that none of Lubuntu releases 
> are LTS.
> The start to Lubuntu Documentation is at [2].
> Regards,
> Phill.
> 1.
> 2.
> On 4 June 2012 13:35, Ryan Gauger <rtgkid at 
> <mailto:rtgkid at>> wrote:
>     On 06/04/2012 07:24 AM, Mark Ballard wrote:
>>     I would like to give some feedback on a user's experience trying
>>     to download and install Lubuntu, if I may.
>>     It's hard to find the download page. Clicking on "Get Ubuntu"
>>     takes  you to the help page. Then you have to rummage around on
>>     the site to find somewhere to actually download the version you need.
>>     When you do select to download, it gives you v12.04. Even after
>>     rummaging around not possible to see any other versions to download.
>>     The help page talks about other versions. It's information
>>     implies that 11.10 is the long-term release. But there appears to
>>     be nowhere to download the long-term release. The importance of
>>     short-term releases became apparent to users recently when, for
>>     example, they got shipwrecked with the short term release of
>>     Ubuntu before the Unity overhaul. Had they stuck with the long
>>     term release prior to that, they would not now be shipwrecked.
>>     Yes I am speaking from experience. But what's the point of having
>>     a long-term release if you don't make it clear to users that this
>>     is the most advisable version to download and then point them to it?
>>     The checksum info page contains info only about 11.10 checksums.
>>     But the site downloads 12.04.
>>     The checksum and torrent additions to the download process have
>>     really snarled things up for idiot users - sorry, you can't say
>>     that, can you? It's snarled things up for 'dummies'. No, you
>>     can't say that either, can you? Just because you are not an
>>     experienced command-line user, administrator or nerd hobbyist,
>>     that doesn't make you a dummy. But you are likely to have plenty
>>     else to do: looking after kids, working over-time, fixing the
>>     car, fending off zombies. So the install process requires that
>>     you learn about torrent clients and command lines and checksums.
>>     That's the last thing I need to do. That's eliminated most of the
>>     population of the planet as potential users straight off. Point
>>     and click, man. What's with all these complications?
>>     So anyway. What I needed: a guarantee that I've got a version
>>     that will work with the target machine: PIII, 256Mb; a long term
>>     release version; and on the advice of this website, a checksummed
>>     version. What I got: likelihood the version I've got doesn't work
>>     with my machine, a short term release version, and no checksum
>>     validation.
>>     On top of all that, I'm dizzy from going back and forth and round
>>     the website for the information I need to perform this simplest
>>     of operations: downloading a version to install.
>     Hello Mark,
>     I'm sorry your experience with downloading Lubuntu has not been
>     pleasant. You can't download other versions of Ubuntu or Kubuntu
>     off of their websites, unless Googleing "ubuntu 11.10", "ubuntu
>     11.04", etc. The latest long-term support release is Persistant
>     (12.04 LTS, the LTS stands for Long-Term Support). Thanks!
>     In Christ,
>     Ryan
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No, sorry for the confusion. I was not on the Get Lubuntu or Get Ubuntu 
pages. I was on:
I am sure there are Lubuntu pages like that which contain all Lubuntu 
releases. Thanks!
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