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Subject: Re: QA Community & Flavors Roundtable
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As I'm stood down from lubuntu-qa, is anyone prepared to take on the
co-ordinator role. As promised to you all, I will hold a back-ground
'holding' position, but lubuntu-qa does really need someone to step up.



On 31 May 2012 20:10, Nicholas Skaggs <nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com> wrote:

>  Hello everyone! I am writing this email to you in hopes we can all find a
> common time to meet during the month of June to discuss QA, specific to
> each of your teams. As part of UDS-Q, during the qa for flavors sessions,
> we discussed having a once (or perhaps twice) a cycle roundtable to discuss
> best practices and just to communicate needs and/or where we might be able
> to collaborate and help each other.
> So, it would be good to have a least one representative from each flavor
> or team come out to attend. We'll have some canonical QA folks on hand to
> answer questions as well. With that said, I'd like to get everyone's
> opinion on the best time to meet, and perhaps the venue as well. My
> thoughts on venue are to use IRC, #ubuntu-testing, and stream the desktop
> of any demos to everyone if needed. For time, check out this poll and let's
> see when everyone is available:
> http://www.doodle.com/2e9r82ybk5eq3sgk
> If none of these times/dates work, please do suggest.
> Ohh, here's the agenda as it stands, feel free to add to it -- I am
> planning 1 hour to meet, but we can extend it if the agenda gets too big.*
> *
>    - *collaboration on common application testing*
>    - *how to leverage vm automated testing*
>    - *open q & a session with canonical qa team members*
> Thanks everyone,
> Nicholas




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