Ron Mitchell rm2892 at
Wed Jul 25 20:52:24 UTC 2012

Hi to all from Vancouver Island

Permit me to introduce myself.  

I'm new to Lubuntu. Someone over on the Ubuntu Threads said that you were looking for Power PC testers for Lubuntu 12.10. Have just finished downloading the .iso and will be installing it shortly on my eMac.

So far, the live disk works as it's supposed to so far as I can see, and all seems to be well. 

The computer is a 1.2 Gig G4 processor and has 1 Gig of RAM and an 80 Gig hard drive.  Have kept it around more or less out of sentimentality, but now it appears it might have a legitimate use. I also have an Intel Mac, a MacBook that's about 4 years old. 2.4 Gig processor and 4 Gig of RAM. Currently use OS X 10.7.4 there, but I have Virtual Box with Ubuntu 12.04 as one of the guests. 

At any rate, I'm not exactly a linux expert. Have been playing around the edges of various distros since the mid '90's, and am fairly comfortable with a command line interface, but not fully familiar with a lot of the commands. Still consider myself in learning mode. Am retired so I'm supposed to have all the time in the world (hah!). Interested chiefly in learning to program in C and Python. Also interested in using my MIDI keyboard with Rosegarden. Trying to learn how to set up JACK in order to get some sound out of it.

I'd be willing to help with the testing of 12.10 Lubuntu. Will probably need some guidance with that. 

I will do the install later on this afternoon. Propose to overwrite Ubuntu 12.04 to start with (haven't had it installed all that long so there's nothing important there) ...  and install to the internal eMac hard drive. Later I'd like to attempt an install on an external 160 Gig   USB hard drive I have attached. Have so far had no success in making a bootable USB (flash drive or external hard drive) for use with Mac. Have tried rEFIt and rEFInd on the Mactel,  and have read numerous writeups on the net as to how to do it. Like many others - no joy so far.

Part of the fun of all this is banging my head against the wall. Usually discover what doesn't work first.

If I can give back to the community in some way, I'd be happy to do so. Ubuntu has come a long way over, and has been more than ready for prime time for many years now. In my experience it keeps getting better.. 

Ron Mitchell (aka bytehacker)
Nanaimo BC Canada

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