Some suggestions to Lubuntu written in the Whiteboard.

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First, I read Julien's mail about osmo and as a Lubuntu user I have to say
that if Osmo cannot be ported into GTK+3.x, it is better to remove it from
defaults. It is a good application, though, but in my case, I use a
combination of other applications to replace it.

On the other hand, I want to bring attention into some suggestions and
comments I wrote in the Whete board, because I don't know if they have been
read or actually the mailing list is the place to bring attention into
these topics.

1) xfce4 power-manager doesn't work well in Lubuntu 12.04. There is no
control of screen brightness (and xfce4-power-manager doesn't work to
modify it), we cannot set brightness default on startup (actually now my
brightness keys FN+F6 FN+F7 don't work, like it worked on Lubuntu 11.10 in
the same cuputer) wake up doesn't work. I uninstalled and there was no
difference, it is an useless program at this moment. Perhaps, if we want
something light, we might think on TLP and Jupiter (notice that Jupiter
allows us to change settings and remembers them without having to run the
program on startup, so no "heaviness" here).

2) An example of problems with power management. Our default video player
is GNOME-mplayer, right? But in order to implement its feature of disable
screensaver when running the program, it demands to have
gnome-power-manager installed. What??

3) Lubuntu default font is too big, perhaps we can use Ubuntu 10 for
desktop and Menu Application Items. Of course, you can change it once you
use Lubuntu, but it is always nicer to have a good first impression (and
precisely that's the reason we have seen nice polishing in the User

4) Check some dependencies in the lubuntu-desktop package. One concrete
example, I don't have bluetooth in my computer, yet in Synaptic files like
libbluetooth cannot be removed because apparently, lubuntu-desktop and
sylpheed depend on it (not even Thunderbird has this dependence that
Sylpheed does). In general, there are other programs that cannot be removed
because lubuntu-desktop depends on them and some of them might be "useless
programs" ... that would make the system lighther on resources and startup,
for example. That might be the reason why Lubuntu startup times and battery
life are not really superior to Ubuntu's default despite being "a lighter

5) Lubuntu currenlty misplaces application tray icons ... the default
should be to create each new tray icon of a program to the left of a
previous one that was opened. Currently, it happens at random; sometimes
the network manager button is at the left, sometimes at the middle, etc ...

6) Audacious team is developing Audacious 3.3 and is going to get rid of
GTK2.x, following the trend of using GTK3+ instead ... so it would be good
to make sure the latest version of Audacious would be on the official
repositories (and not an old one), given that is is our default program for
music. And it is a very stable program, so no problem of adding it to the
repositories. And the new theme (I have seen screenshots of pcmanfm with
the new theme) should include changing the default colors of buttons for
GNOME-Mplayer and Audacious.

7) Abiword is our default program instead of LibreOffice in the "Office
section". However the latest version of Abiword that came into the
repositories 2.9.2 was quite buggy and should not have been released into
the official repo (for citing the most basic example, mouse scrolling
doesn't work). So, it is important to make sure a stable version is on the
official repositories (2.8.6 from Lubuntu 11.10 was fine) or remove Abiword
and take LibreOffice instead. Currently, because of these issues, most
people is installing LibreOffice and ditching Abiword. In my case, I had to
remove Abiword and install the version of Lubuntu 11.10, with the problem
that I had to unckeck Abiword in every update, because Update Manager
suggest to install the buggy latest version.
Thanks for your attention, I hope this helps, to make our beloved Lubuntu
even better,

Have a nice day!
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