Change Opera Icon in lxpanel?

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Wed Jul 11 14:24:08 UTC 2012

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> Just installed the latest Opera browser and this is what showed up in the  
> panel is there any way that anyone knows to change  
> or remove it? I can't even find the setting to remove it in opera

	Does that icon appear in your system tray applet or your application launch bar applet? If it is in your application launch bar applet then right click on lxpanel, select "panel settings" on the menu.  The panel prefernces window will open now select "panel applets" tab. On the currently loaded plugins highlight "application launch bar" and click the edit button. The left collumn is the list of application currently displayed in the launcher. Highlight Opera and click the remove button. 
	If it is in your system tray then that is just a notification that Opera is currently running. I installed Opera to see how it would behave. A system tray icon did appear while Opera was in use and disappeared immediately upon closing the application. I also found no options to change these settings within Opera preferences. Some programs that use system tray icons will leave the icon in the tray and continue to consume system resources even after you have exited the application. I see no evidence of that here so it should be no problem.
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