Lubuntu Weekly Meeting on the Fridge Calendar

Chris Druif chrisdruif at
Mon Jul 9 21:55:11 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

I'd like to make everyone aware that I'm still the "owner" of the
Lubuntu Weekly meetings slots on the Fridge Calendar [1].
As I'm no longer part of the team, it would be swell if someone from
the team could take the LWM to his/her Google Calendar. If no-one
wants to do this or if no-one is able to take it over, please send me
a direct email for changes as I want to remove myself from the
mailing-list as well.

With metta, Chris


P.s.: everything is set up to automatically stay on the correct time
during whatever savings time it is, so it's no effort at all to be
"maintainer" for it.

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