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Daniel Koch drk3426 at
Fri Jan 27 15:35:01 UTC 2012

Yesterday, I sent the message shown below from my work e-mail by mistake. I
looked for your reply this morning, and saw it briefly displayed in my
in-box, but it quickly disappeared and it wasn't in my junk mail. Either
our spam eater got it or my boss deleated it as he sometimes checks my
e-mail and decides what I should or shouldn't read. In any case, could you
please re-send your reply to the following address: drk3426 at I
would be very interested to read it. Thank you.

Previous Message:

*"I found the test iso for Lubuntu 12.04 powerpc about two months ago. I
burned a copy and ran it as a live CD on my eMac G-4 (3.3) {1GHZ, 1-GB RAM,
133 MZ Bus Speed}. It ran spectacularly well – everything just flat worked!
I couldn’t wait to install it, but when I tried, I got a “bad mirror”
message and of course, the install failed. I now have Ubuntu 10.10
installed on this machine and I have to say I’m not at all disappointed,
but I still wonder how much faster Lubuntu would be. I had wanted to
participate in the testing, but I looked at the requirements and my meager
skills would end up wasting everyone’s time. Is there a fix for this coming
or already here? Will there be an official Ppc version released? Thanks for
your time."*

Dan Koch
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