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David Reimer djreimer at
Sun Jan 29 13:00:54 UTC 2012

Please please please!

One of the things I liked least (i.e., disliked most) when I moved to
Lubuntu was the cursor. Particularly that little "hand" you get
hovering over links. Dislike fairly intensely. Obviously I'm lazy,
though, because I'm still using it.

Especially I dislike cursors that change shape over links, so that
what appeared to be the "focal point" of the cursor (i.e., the tip of
the arrow) alters (in Lubuntu, the left end of a horizontal line = top
of "finger"). Disorienting.


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On 29 January 2012 11:32, Michael Rawson <michaelrawson76 at> wrote:
> I'm sure this probably gets asked a lot (but I'm new, so I'll ask again), but why doesn't Lubuntu have a reasonable mouse cursor? The default X one (I think that's what it is) is rather ugly. Even ripping off Ubuntu's one would be better than nothing.
> If people agree, I'll make a bug in lubuntu-artwork, or lubuntu-default-settings.
> Michael
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> Michael Rawson <michaelrawson76 at>

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