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Michael Rawson michaelrawson76 at
Fri Jan 27 20:40:24 UTC 2012

I'm not sure if this is the sort of feedback you're after, but is the font in the panel turning black at some point? Currently the clock and the nm-applet is really hard to see.

On Fri, 27 Jan 2012 20:51:20 +0100
神癒礁湖 <rafaellaguna at> wrote:

> Hi, people:
> I have updated the artwork (again). I REALLY recommend you to replace
> your Ozone3 theme with this one (a lot of improvements solve several
> bugs). Also, the wallpaper is ready (after a selection process). Again
> no option for colour (sorry) for us and Xubuntu devs (also Kubuntu are
> "slaved" to its plasmoid style) due to "Canonical restrictions".
> If you feel better, the new artwork package will include all previous
> Lubuntu themes and some walls by the Flickr community. Check out:
> As always, feedback is appreciated. Thanks.
> -- 

Michael Rawson <michaelrawson76 at>

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