How to write plugins for LXPanel

Axel FILMORE axel.filmore at
Wed Jan 25 18:00:32 UTC 2012


this may be helpful :;a=blob;f=src/plugins/space.c;h=2b75e24b6eb8da530e02b1e6dd0ed9973b68f256;hb=HEAD

It's the space plugin, it is quite simple :
/* Plugin descriptor. */
PluginClass space_plugin_class = {


     type : "space",
     name : N_("Spacer"),
     version: "1.0",
     description : N_("Allocate space"),

     /* Stretch is available but not default for this plugin. */
     expand_available : TRUE,

     constructor : space_constructor,
     destructor  : space_destructor,
     config : space_configure,
     save : space_save_configuration

In the plugin class, you see that four functions are defined :
A constructor, a destructor, a configuration function
(when the panel geometry changes I think)
and a save function.


On 25/01/2012 18:28, Geoffrey wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if someone could tell me how plugins for LXPanel can 
> be made? I would like to make a guide of it, I don't plan to write 
> extensions for it myself.
> Kind regards,
> Geoffrey


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