Zimbra and Webmin

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 23 02:56:46 UTC 2012

On 01/22/2012 01:27 PM, amjjawad HOOHAA wrote:

> I need some help which has nothing to do with Lubuntu and I
> appreciate your support in advance :)

> Is there anyone who has experience with Zimbra and Webmin? ... OR
> ... Zimbra and ClearOS?

Zimbra is designed to "take over" a server and use its own copies of
many underlying services.  Webmin and ClearOS are designed to manage the
services that come with, or are normally installed on, the OS.

Therefore, you probably do not really want to try to use Zimbra and
Webmin, or Zimbra and ClearOS, on one server.  As far as I know, it
would be more common to use either Zimbra, *or* to use Webmin or
ClearOS, but not both together.

It might be simpler if, instead of asking about specific products like
this, you ask about whatever the business issue is that you wish to
solve... "I need a Linux server to do X and Y and Z for N users, and it
needs to be maintainable using a web interface in language L, and the OS
has to be V or W" -- that way you are more likely to get advice on
solving the actual underlying issue.

One more thought: webmin was removed from Debian and declared
unsupported in both Debian and Ubuntu some *years* ago (2005 for Debian,
2006 for Ubuntu, I think); it does things with config files that can
break Debian package management.  Beware.




If you are looking for a web-based server control panel for Ubuntu
server, have a look at Zentyal and see if it meets your needs.  See
http://www.zentyal.org .


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