lubuntu users hard to find on (was: Re: This mailing list will be closed SOON !)

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at
Thu Jan 19 20:39:08 UTC 2012

On Thu, 19 Jan 2012, Chris <cyber.druif at> wrote:

> The subscribe link is missing from !!!!!

Subscribing works exactly the same as it does for every other list on you browse to

where LISTNAME in this case is lubuntu-users

and you subscribe.  It's a standard GNU Mailman installation, and it

The issue, I think, is what happens when you do not know the list
name. has all kinds of groups of lists to
choose from, and I think lubuntu-users should be under "Community
Support", but it is not there.  It is also not in the list of
publically advertized lists at
which seems even more weird since that is auto-generated.

 * Did we accidentally set up lubuntu-users as non-advertized?

 * How can we get it added to the Community Support page?

Jonathan Marsden <jmarsden at>

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