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Phill Whiteside phillw at vpolink.com
Mon Jan 16 20:44:04 UTC 2012

Hi Stephen,

that sounds an excellent idea. How big an 'ask' is it for you investigate
what is needed and what sort of time scale. With your work on other areas
of lubuntu does this fall into "Wish-list" or something you are confident
can be done without pulling your limited and valuable time from other



On 16 January 2012 20:35, Stephen Smally <eco.stefi at fastwebnet.it> wrote:

> On 01/16/2012 09:21 PM, Maps Backward wrote:
>> LSC > USC (and Synaptic. too?) because it's more lightweight. I can get
>> behind that, but I truly think that there should be at least an option to
>> only show Lubuntu-approved apps. If what my friend tells me is true, Bodhi
>> Software Center focuses directly on their approved apps, i.e. the ones
>> consistent with their philosophy. This seems to be relevant to the Lubuntu
>> project as a whole. Technically, there are already Lubuntu-approved apps as
>> is the case with the default applications. There's no reason why the
>> community couldn't make similar decisions about other apps, especially with
>> all the different things that we do. I suggest a flag for each app, e.g.
>> "Lubuntu-approved" and a checkbox or something similar to toggle between
>> searching among apps with this flag only or not.
>> wxl/walter
> The main difference is that bodhi linux probably has a separated repos +
> ubuntu repos. lubuntu hasn't its own repo, so we can't do anything but make
> a list of the approved apps or put a filter for GNOME/KDE related packages
> (just an ads, something like "This program is integrated with the GNOME/KDE
> desktop environment, so it could require heavy dependencies"
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