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Sat Jan 14 22:28:56 UTC 2012

Hi Jens,

thanks :P

A few of us have email addresses, if there are any people who
do not wish to give their email address then please contact me and I will
set you up a email address that you can forward to your own
system (it is under google-edu apps system, so is pretty hot on filtering
out spam :) ).

I'm up for being one of those who kick it off, use my
phillw at ubuntu.comemail address.



On 14 January 2012 22:23, Jens Leineweber <jens.leineweber at>wrote:

>  Dear Phil,
> your info is already outdated so here comes an update:
> the interviews are being questionaires sent by email to prevent to much
> difficulties regarding different time zones. I will be in charge of
> co-ordinating stuff. I do need two volunteers to get the first two
> interviews set up.
> If you are not ok with the fact that we are giving your personal email to
> the muktware team. pls send me a message and i will forward you this
> interview questionaire to keep your email internal.
> @ if it is not to much to request I'd like to have an overview who is
> doing what (aka. full members list of main-team AND the sub-teams! (i do
> know we have the wiki, but i need it as a odt ;) )
> Greetings
> Silverlion aka. Jens
> Am 14.01.2012 23:00, schrieb Phill Whiteside:
> Hi,
>  Jens has not been slow on the link that Julien passed onto the comms
> team & has secured an agreement with Swapnil (
> to publish up a weekly digest of
> Lubuntu.
>  The nice thing is that they both totally agree on the 'story behind the
> story' is the best way to advertise ourselves. To this end, three questions
> were asked:
>  1. Current development, new features being added. - Lubuntu Software
> Center for 12.04.
> 2. Design changes/improvement.
> 3. Team working on the project.-
>   has the list of the sub teams that make up the lubuntu. Each of these
> sub-teams has a team leader / co-ordinator. The respective heads can be
> found on the launchpad pages for each sub-team.
>  The comments in red are mine, can the devs please flesh out 1) and 2),
> please.
>  The other 'bad' news? The 'may need the team leaders / co-ordinators' to
> give an interview about their role & what makes lubuntu the flavour they
> chose is no longer a 'may'. Jens will be arranging to carry out interviews
> - most likely on a quiet IRC channel with each of you (oh, and that does
> include me). The interview with Jens will probably be carried out by Swapnil
> from
> To stop the others laughing, don't worry - they also want interviews with
> others on the sub-teams and general users of lubuntu who are advocates. It
> is planned that the interviews would be one person per week.
>  As all of this is under the creative copyright system, so all works done
> can be used by any medium that does not wish to claim copyright (which is
> most of the linux scene :) )
>  And, finally, for anyone wondering why Jens isn't sending these emails
> it is because he is real busy in RL at the moment. As such I have agreed to
> be his secretary and general admin person, so we have a chat, he formulates
> the plan and I write the email :D
>  Regards,
>  Phill.
>  --

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