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Fri Jan 13 19:30:33 UTC 2012

Hello Phill,

If you are talking about the chain of emails regarding Lubuntu Support Team
(LTS) then yes, I got that :) but I did not get anything else yet from the
other emails. Recently, gmail is acting crazy or maybe no one has sent
anything yet?!

Anyway, just to let everyone knows that I have already started recruiting
people (in MY way) few months ago:
Many of them (yes, we are still few) are active and promoting for Lubuntu
REALLY GOOD and I'm so glad for that :) Today, a new member signed. This is
not official but I have already posted on the facebook group for Lubuntu
One Stop Group and asked them to move to Phase 2 where a serious action and
support will take place and I expect many will jump in :)

I'll do whatever I used to do months ago (as I already mentioned
previously) whether I'm a part of any team or not. Now, I'm a part of 3
sub-teams so far and that is good enough to motivate and take me back to
action but this time Level 2 with more organization and support :)

Can NOT wait for the REAL fun :D


On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 10:26 PM, Phill Whiteside <phillw at> wrote:

> Hi Ali,
> As mentioned in my reply upon your acceptance to LST, the role that seems
> to be forming is that of LABC. You should have received the emails on the
> discussions about what LST will do. i.e. co-ordinating between the various
> support methods and areas. Flagging up un-resolved support questions,
> flagging up for discussion items to be included both on the one-stop-thread
> and the FAQ area etc. As you are already the point of contact for that, it
> does make sense that you be the co-ordinator for LST. Any IRC issues that
> need adding to FAQ should also be added to your thread on the main forum,
> and vice-versa. The LST mailing list will be the one used for this. As I
> stated, I do hope for more than just one representative from each of other
> teams but the Dev team is small in number (as is the art team). All those
> interested and involved in support I hope will join the list. As soon as
> the consensus of the role of LST is finalised to the point we can roll it
> out, I'll happily update the wiki page for LST to state what it is there
> for.
> Regards,
> Phill.
> On 13 January 2012 17:50, amjjawad HOOHAA <amjjawad at> wrote:
>> Hello Phill and Everyone :)
>> For me to understand things even better, aren't we talking about: Forum,
>> IRC and Mailing List Support? just like this:
>> Am I right?
>> If so, then:
>> 1- A new mailing list for this team which will be used for the team
>> member to discuss, organize, etc etc.
>> 2- Whenever needed, the general mailing list will be used.
>> 3- Key players in this team will be:
>> a- Team Leader OR Co-ordinator for the whole team who will organize with
>> other sub-teams
>> b- Someone who knows the forum better and will organize everything on
>> that arae
>> c- Someone who knows the IRC better and will be in charge of that area
>> d- Someone who will take care of the mailing list
>> e- People from different sub-teams to join - one member is enough from
>> each team but it is NOT a must since the Team Leader or the Co-ordinator
>> will arrange that anyway.
>> Now, there is no need to have all those persons. One person could do all
>> the above. These more like tasks then positions.
>> Now, I'd like to propose that publicly.
>> Since my most activities on the forum and since I'm very close to new
>> comers more, I'd like to propose a new position called:
>> *Lubuntu Absolute Beginner Contact (LABC)* and I'd like to be that one.
>> No need for Sub-Team as of now, no need to new mailing list, I'll be every
>> possible where to help New Comers to the maximum and I can do that alone.
>> Since I have joined 3 sub-teams so far, that would be even easier for me to
>> help those.
>> I have sent a request to join the Support Team. This is the BEST area
>> where I can give more than anyone could imagine :P
>> Whether I'll be in charge of the whole team or not, that will not change
>> the fact that I'll do what I do best whether I'm a leader, a member or
>> whatever it's. However, just to be fair and clear, The Forum is the BEST I
>> can do, period. I know much more about it and all of you know that already.
>> If you trust me enough and want me to lead that team, it's my pleasure and
>> I'm honored. If you think I don't fit there, that will not change the fact
>> that I'll keep rocking the forum ;)
>> Now, approve me please :D
>> Ali/amjjawad
>> On Thu, Jan 12, 2012 at 8:07 AM, Phill Whiteside <phillw at>wrote:
>>> Hi folks,
>>> as Support Team could well be a meeting point of different support
>>> forums (ubuntu, lxde, askubuntu etc.), IRC channels (lubuntu, lxde etc.),
>>> general mailing list and any other means people help out it's taken me a
>>> little while to envision a structure for it. So, here goes my v0.1 attempt
>>> I am trusting you all to improve on it!
>>> 1) It does not have a 'Team Leader' in the usual sense of it, but a
>>> co-ordinator.
>>> 2) Due to the fact some people don't like Forums, some people don't like
>>> IRC and we are scattered across Time-Zones I suggest it is run by email.
>>> This then begs the question, is such a grouping going to replicate /
>>> detract from our mailing list or can it be a list where people can 'chat' -
>>> a bit like an offtopic IRC channel where support is done on support and we
>>> swap ideas / recipes / life in general?
>>> Your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated & please feel free to
>>> suggest something completely different that can accommodate all the various
>>> ways in which support is given.
>>> Regards,
>>> Phill.
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