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Not mentioned in the below discussion with Jens is that information from
this blog would be then forwarded to other news teams on a weekly basis for
their inclusion.



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I finally had a chance to have a good chat with Jens about what the comms
team should be focusing on, and things it should not.

For the immediate term, he suggested that a blog be set up on
lubuntu.netwhich would have the history from UDS to alpha1 for 12.04
detailing the
steps and decision making behind our selected apps for 12.04 along with an
insight into how we make such decisions. There after the blog will be done
at least weekly mentioning the actual problems that occur (a classic
example would be the problem with lxdm), as a rolling story it would keep
people interested to know how we progress and resolve things. alongside
this would be the recent excellent news of LSC getting approval with the
'how it happened'.

The advice is that, simply, we keep people interested in the development of
lubuntu 12.04 whilst mentioning the work of the devs / testers / support
people. This will encourage people to actually take a closer look at us to
 join in both in the following what it takes to give 'birth' to a new
release, but also as these people follow the story, they will get to know
us and want to use lubuntu.

I actually ran such a blog back for ubuntu 9.10, Jens is right, it was a
popular blog.

Your thoughts on the matter as it is something we can set up pretty quickly
and point other means of advertising to as a source. I'm okay to keep it
updated at least weekly, but I'm sure at least a couple of others would
also add to it if that is thought to be better.




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