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Sun Jan 8 18:08:41 UTC 2012

here's a basic autotools build system if you need ;)

build with :
./autogen.sh && ./configure -prefix=/usr -sysconfdir=/etc && make && 

On 08/01/2012 17:49, Stephen Smally wrote:
> Hi Guys!
> after some time of break, i'm back with a search tool for 
> lubuntu/lxde, LxFind.
> LxFind is written (obviously) in Vala, using Gtk3 and GLib/GIO for the 
> search engine (it doesn't use locate or any other backend).
> anyway the frontend is separated from the backend, this make quite 
> simple to write another backend (even in C) to work with locate or find.
> Now, the question which many of you are asking, why not catfish?
> 1 - Catfish is still gtk2, and use glade, one of the blueprints of 
> lubuntu is avoid the use of libglade.
> 2 - Catfish is written in python, and even if is a good language 
> (which i use and love), is heavy (in memory consumption) and slow on 
> old systems.
> LxFind (at the moment) lacks some functions, like the mime filter 
> (application/audio, video, text).
> you can open the file or the folder simply by double-clicking on (it 
> use xdg-open).
> LxFind supports command line options:
> * act as modal dialog (always-on-top and without decorations)
> * specify search pattern
> * specify search directory
> * ignore hidden files
> if the search pattern and the search directory are given, LxFind 
> performs search at startup.
> You can grab the code by branching it at lp:lxfind (bzr branch 
> lp:lxfind).
> for Julien: can you add the build system and the debian files so we 
> can create a ppa?
> Cheers
> Stephen Smally


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