Stephen Smally eco.stefi at fastwebnet.it
Sun Jan 8 16:49:09 UTC 2012

Hi Guys!

after some time of break, i'm back with a search tool for lubuntu/lxde, 
LxFind is written (obviously) in Vala, using Gtk3 and GLib/GIO for the 
search engine (it doesn't use locate or any other backend).
anyway the frontend is separated from the backend, this make quite 
simple to write another backend (even in C) to work with locate or find.
Now, the question which many of you are asking, why not catfish?
1 - Catfish is still gtk2, and use glade, one of the blueprints of 
lubuntu is avoid the use of libglade.
2 - Catfish is written in python, and even if is a good language (which 
i use and love), is heavy (in memory consumption) and slow on old systems.

LxFind (at the moment) lacks some functions, like the mime filter 
(application/audio, video, text).
you can open the file or the folder simply by double-clicking on (it use 

LxFind supports command line options:
* act as modal dialog (always-on-top and without decorations)
* specify search pattern
* specify search directory
* ignore hidden files
if the search pattern and the search directory are given, LxFind 
performs search at startup.

You can grab the code by branching it at lp:lxfind (bzr branch lp:lxfind).

for Julien: can you add the build system and the debian files so we can 
create a ppa?


Stephen Smally

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