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> It's pretty close, but more a matter of man-power than the devs wanting to
> go and do other things.
> Hi,
> > Le 10/24/2011 04:55 PM, Pierre Gobin a écrit :
> > >
> > > I wanted to react about the fact that Lubuntu 12.04 will not be a LTS
> > > version. I think it is a really bad news. Is there really no chance
> > > that Lubuntu 12.04 be a LTS version ? Is the work too hard to maintain
> > > a version during 3 years ?
> > Well, we don't really have the choice. Currently, I can't guarantee than
> > we will have people to maintain Lubuntu during 3 years. 3 years, it's
> > long, and we have barely enough devs to maintain current releases.
> > Previous LTS releases were Ubuntu and Kubuntu, because they had enought
> > devs on Ubuntu side (Ubuntu Desktop team and Kubuntu Team) and enough on
> > upstream team (GNOME and KDE). There are also companies support which
> > make easier the long term support.
> > However, as 12.04 will be a LTS for Ubuntu, we will do our best to
> > maintain as much as we can this release, as long as we can, but I can't
> > ensure the 3 years support.
> > I hope I answer your question.
> > Regards,
> >
> > Julien Lavergne

A few thought on a Lubuntu LTS.

LTS isn't really an Ubuntu thing, it's more to do with Canonical and how long they're prepared to support it for.
Currently the is no maintainer/dev for LXPanel which puts extra work on the people looking after the other components.  This isn't really conducive to LTS.  Also given that Lubuntu is intended for older/low resource hardware, a lot of which is probably reaching the end of it's physical life I can see no great virtue in a LTS.
Lubuntu is really a distro that needs to be reviewed every six months to ensure we are using the lightest available apps.  The current state of Chromium and Firefox is one example.  It looks, from my usage, that they are both using about the same amount of resources and that Chromium is it getting more greedy while Firefox is getting leaner.  At the same time Midori is becoming more and more usable.
Zentyal, a server based on Lubuntu, seems to be coping with out Lubuntu having an LTS.


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