Ubuntu Precise Beta 1 coming this week and ISOs ready for testing

UH uhtlmk at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 27 14:03:46 UTC 2012

Ok, when it's out i can try that - with a cd (but i won't be willed to
do a fresh installation - having already the hassle with setting up
any time newly wicd and its scripts for internet sharing, blueman with
pcmanfm as obex helper and the udev rules to be able to deal with
built in wireless and wlanstick; for me, any time that's decisively
more than just 10 seconds of my life ;) ). But i can try to make a
live-cd and see, if it's possible to boot from it.

If someone could point me on how to build a bootable usbstick (for
powerbook) on a powerbook running only linux i could test that as

2012/2/27 Greg Faith <gregfaith at gmail.com>:
> UH, if you keep your Alpha updated you are truly running the beta already.
> There are issues with getting a bootable LiveCD with versions i386 & AMD64.
> It would be good if you tried the Lubuntu 12.04 ppc beta to see if you can
> get
> a bootable flash drive or CD.
> nm_geo

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