Fwd: new lubuntu.net for your testing on www.whiteboar.info

David Reimer djreimer at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 19:15:50 UTC 2012

Like it! (Now that it has some content. ;)

The odd deft touch from 神癒礁湖 wouldn't go amiss, but that's feeling
like a good foundation to me.

Great to see this moving forward!

David [djreimer | dajare]
David Reimer | Edinburgh, UK
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/djreimer | https://launchpad.net/~djreimer

On 18 February 2012 16:58, karl anliot <kanliot at gmail.com> wrote:
> first, thanks to cyber penguin for initial site design and writing.
> TODO: announcements and user blogs.
> TODO: openid, facebook
> TODO: ?
> I suppose experienced linux users will know what to look for.  The site isn't aimed towards them anyway.
> Clearly I'm not alone in thinking we need to cater towards new users.
> also the theme is very minimal.  it can be changed if you like.
> http://www.whiteboar.info
> thanks,
> kanliot

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