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I can only address the multimedia issue, and since I'm not 100% sure that my approach is the best approach I posted it here at the forums:


Typically it is NOT wise to mix Debian & Ubuntu repos!


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Ok, so i'll go on . . .  :) Actually, i'm trying to "parallel" the - running - Debian wheezy + LXDE with the Lubuntu 12.04 setup i recently installed. And there will rise a lot of questions (and bugs?) . . .

Just to start: In my repositories i've Debian Multimedia. Is there something similar in (L)Ubuntu or could i add that repositories (even though they're close, i notice there are some differences between Ubuntu and Debian . . .

Then: I've this ugly 3rd level chooser problem. For typing normally, i found the solution (`sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration` > Keyboard: Apple-Laptop > German > Deadkeys > 3rd level chooser: standard (=left ALT) and then i opted for CTRL-ALT_BCKSP to kill X11), but this solution cancels the CTRL-ALT-F1 (through F6) for consoles and the related CTRL-ALT-F7 to return to the desktop (1). Is there out there someone who knows a workaround?


1) With the standard setting: German - Macintosh keyboard (with deadkeys) that problem does not exist, CTRL-ALT-F1 works as it should - but i don't have third level keys like @, €, ~, square brackets etc. I remember, long time ago, when Ubuntu still supported powerpc architecture officially that problem (in Gnome) did not exist.

2012/2/16 Maps Backward <maps.backward at gmail.com>

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IMHO it's always appropriate to ask questions, or post results at our mailing lists. As has been noted we're a small team but regardless we do strive to improve.

These mailing lists help us all help each other.
absolutely! better to post in too many places than too few. but it's also good to know your audience and what their preferences are, too. ;)


p.s. good catch on the upgrade path!

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