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Since you said, "This is a one-time message", I'm probably wasting my time replying but I honestly would have appreciated more info.

Both Lubuntu and Xubuntu use Ubuntu's installers. The live installer is "ubiquity" and the text/alternate installer is the "debian-installer" with a few minor tweaks.

I'm not a developer but I've been iso-testing Ubuntu for nearly 4 years and a total rebuild of 'ubiquity' just prior to the release of Maverick did present one nasty bug and a few minor challenges, but those should be largely straightened out.

Most importantly there is no real difference between Lubuntu's installer and Xubuntu's installer, just different artwork. The only thing I can think of that might cause someone to think things are going to blow up is this:

I wish I had more info to work with,


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This is a one-time message to warn other potential lubuntu users.

Yesterday I have tried to install lubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso to my laptop. It has not given me the choice where to install to and tried to overwrite my current system. Luckily I was closely observing the progress and was able to abort in time.
Also it did not find my wifi.

I have now chosen to install xubuntu instead, where I was able to install to the partition of my choice, also it did find my wifi no problem.

On a side note, it is very disturbing to read personal notes of unknown and non-introduced persons on the primary website. This makes it look very non-professional. I must suspect the project is targeted to a small circle of insiders only.

To my opinion lubuntu has a long way to go.

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