Firefox locale packages

Leszek Lesner leszek.lesner at
Sat Feb 11 16:49:59 UTC 2012

Am Samstag, 11. Februar 2012, 15:44:42 schrieb Valdur:
> Why they are installed when lubuntu doesn't include firefox.
> Package names:
> firefox-locale-de
> firefox-locale-en
> firefox-locale-es
> firefox-locale-fr
> I found these packages when i made upgrade on my 12.04 daily build live
> system.
> To confirm my issue run command:
> dpkg --get-selections | grep firefox

Those packages are part of the default language packs shipped with the system. 
I don't know if they are required or recommened dependencies though. If they 
are recommened only we could remove them. If they aren't we can't remove them 
without breaking the language packs aswell. 

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